Taking on the Energy Crisis of the 21st Century

Big Shine LED is committed to providing the best alternative solution to traditional lighting. Our products are brilliantly engineered and beautifully designed to take on the waves of the future. Big Shine LED lives by three guiding principles to keep its products at the forefront of LED technology.



Big Shine LED never settles for status quo. To this end, we work directly with partners to deliver even customized LED lighting solutions. Proactive collaboration leverages input that steers the direction of future technologies to focus on enhanced performance.



We use top of the line components to manufacture high-quality fixtures. Our products contain some of the best LED chips and drivers in the industry, including CREE chips and MeanWell drivers. High quality means better performance—50,000 hours of performance.

To meet industry standards, each LED product and batch undergo quality control.
To meet client needs, every element is designed to ensure modern appeal.



Energy technology has been at our core since inception. Technology has evolved a lot since then, and so has Big Shine LED. We aim to constantly push the boundaries of sustainable zero-carbon technology to produce creative solutions for our partners.

With this type of foundation, we hope to assist America in the great leap forward of LED technology implementation.

Big Shine LED. Be Brilliant.