Commercial LED Lighting

Brilliantly designed to illuminate
and invigorate commercial spaces

Commercial LED Fixtures

Big Shine LED’s commercial line offers high-quality and energy-efficient indoor lighting solutions.

Big Shine LED’s Commercial Line

We strategically engineered our BigShine LED’s commercial line to bring solutions to various applications.
From institutions to large commercial buildings, our indoor fixtures fittingly illuminate spaces while meeting industry standards.
Each luminaire’s design allows for optimal performance—manufactured to be durable, reliable and efficient.

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Commercial Lighting

Always Working, Just Like You

Commercial lighting takes many shapes and forms. Whether it’s to enhance the vibrant colors at the supermarket aisles, highlight displays at a retail store, or simply brighten up office space – LEDs can help achieve optimal outcomes.

Big Shine LED offers versatile down lights that come in different sizes, colors and shapes. Our modern and beautifully-designed fixtures can not only uniformly light up any commercial space, but make it aesthetically pleasing for customers.

Big Shine commercial LED panels are sleek, modern and use the latest LED technology. We offer 50,000 hours of incredible lighting with multiple color temperatures and have various power options. We use innovative heat sinks for thermal dissipation and MeanWell drivers for reliability and high efficiency.

Altogether, these components combine to produce ultra-bright, high-contrast and color-accurate light that shines brilliantly for years to come.

Big Shine LED. Be Brilliant.

commercial led panel lighting