Industrial LED Lighting

Big Shine LED offers a broad portfolio of industrial lights
including hazardous LED luminaire

Big Shine LED’s Industrial Line

Big Shine LED’s industrial line is robust and of superb quality. We take pride in developing fixtures that can withstand vigorous environments while maintaining excellent performance. Our Lighting engineers develop various solutions for industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, food processing plants, freight-forwarding facilities and much more. Our top-of-the-line fixtures are designed with the industry’s top components and are carefully tested for compatibility.

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Industrial Lighting

Night Lights for the Night Shift

Bright lighting is crucial for an efficient and safe industrial facility – whether it’s a warehouse, a factory floor or a loading dock. Traditional lights flicker and dim. Our light weight products have high lumen output that emit continuous light to ease eye strain, combat fatigue and enhance performance. Shining bright for 50,000 hours makes them virtually maintenance-free.

Choose from multiple color temperatures and various power options to customize LED arrangements to illuminate industrial spaces with crisp, vivid light. Big Shine industrial LED lighting fixtures are manufactured using CREE chips and other top of the line components and are engineered and certified to meet the demands of any industrial facility.


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