Big Shine LED is a manufacturing company specializing in LED lighting. As an LED lighting manufacturer utilizing green technology, we develop products and solutions for various industrial and commercial applications. We’ve provided quality lighting upgrades for applications ranging from warehouses, factories and distribution centers to auto dealerships, parking lots and sports facilities. We strive to provide the best quality control in all of our product lines. We promise to provide state of the art technology and unparalleled installation service to our partners.

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Big Shine LED designs begin with a simple idea, maximum performance and minimal waste. Each light fixture is crafted from the hands of lighting designers and engineers molding every step to create a flawless fixture.
Designs are drafted to specifications and virtual materials applied to prepare for software testing. The complete fixture is digitally composed to prepare for CnC machining and assembly.
Each component of our light fixtures is implemented with thorough inspection of electrical, optical and thermal performance. A team review is held for every fixture to scrutinize the limits of each fixture.
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Once a design is approved, it is ready to move to prototyping and fabrication. Each fixture is then physically tested to confirm performance and efficiency in power consumption and light output.


Big Shine LED’s lighting professionals can create a photometric layout for your commercial or industrial project. Contact us to learn more.