Worldwide Benefits of LED Lighting

Big Shine LED and OED exhibit

Commercial LED lighting solutions for the global market

As a technology company, Big Shine Worldwide has been serving the global market with semiconductor technology and solutions. With more than 30 years of experience, Big Shine Worldwide expanded its service and technology by developing an LED lighting division. Our global team of engineers has been able to create luminaire product lines for the international market. Showcasing at the 14th International LED and OLED Expo in South Korea, Big Shine introduced its newest line of commercial lighting products. We created this line to benefit the commercial market as well as institutional facilities and office buildings.

Products that benefit our future society

Big Shine manufactures in three locations, including South Korea, covering service to the Asian and Middle Eastern regions of the world. With certifications like KC, PSE, and UAE, we can deliver quality and customized lighting solutions to our clients worldwide. Designing LED luminaires is more than just designing a product. We’re designing valuable solutions to reducing carbon emissions. We want to create products that benefit our future society. Comparing the rapid advancement of technology to the perpetual rise in global temperature allows us to gain leverage by building sustainable lighting technology. Having such a dynamic team of researchers, developers, and global engineers enables our company to stay on top of cutting-edge technology and deliver energy-saving lighting solution to the global village.

Big Shine LED exhibits at international expo in South Korea.