LED Lighting Symposium in the Greater Louisville Region

Big Shine LED Lighting Symposium 2017


As Big Shine looks to expand its operations to the Midwest, Monday, October 16, 2017 LED Lighting Symposium was a groundbreaker for Big Shine LED and Big Shine Energy, an event hosted in partnership with Greater Louisville, Inc., and Duke Energy.

John Launius, Economic Development Manager at Greater Louisville Inc. was excited to host us and welcome us to the Greater Louisville Region. And Dan Simpson, Duke Energy Senior Trade Ally Outreach Representative, discussed the advantages of switching to energy efficient lighting for commercial and industrial facilities, explaining the incentive program in place to encourage businesses to make the switch.


Big Shine LED Lighting Symposium 2017  Big Shine LED Lighting Symposium 2017


Big Shine’s Product Transparency

With a diverse audience of engineers, environmentalists, small business owners, and manufacturing facilities managers, Big Shine Chief Technology Officer, August Kruesi, presented on the importance of understanding LED lighting, not just as a light fixture, but as a system.

Big Shine LED Lighting Symposium 2017 Many of today’s most well-known lighting suppliers advertise their LED light fixtures as having 361,000 hours of life. This translates into more than 40 years of continuous operation. However, Big Shine CTO Kruesi explained what most consumers of LED lighting are unaware of, which is the importance of understanding the different components of an LED lighting system—there’s the LED chip, the driver and the heatsink.

The life of the LED light fixture depends on the component with the lesser lifespan, in this case, the driver, which, at most, can last about 50,000 hours. As Big Shine Energy Executive Director Eduard Rodriguez explained, companies are choosing Big Shine as their LED lighting supplier because of our product transparency.

Companies are also choosing Big Shine because of our top quality products, diverse variety of lighting for different industries and facilities, and, most importantly, our turnkey solution.


Why Choose Big Shine

Not all LED lights are created equal. And a long history of manufacturing incandescent light bulbs does not make a company fit for evolving to LED lighting.

In nature, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are semiconductors—completely different technology than the traditional light bulb. That is why Big Shine is a pioneer in LED lighting technology. Founded as a semiconductor company in 1989, Big Shine is now paving the way globally with its state of the art LED lighting solutions across all industries.

For decades, Big Shine has been at the forefront of this groundbreaking technology, manufacturing LED lighting systems with state of the art LED chips and drivers. And now, Big Shine is excited to make the move into the Midwest, starting in Kentucky and help.