Petrol Station Lighting

The Center of Attention a Mile Away

Bathe spaces under gas station canopies, around perimeters and through walkways with quality illumination by Big Shine LED petroleum lighting solutions. Well-lit spaces create distinguished environments for customers and attendants at the pump. Big Shine LED luminaries modernize any brand and create an inviting atmosphere that literally outshines the competition.

Light the way Outside In

Extending lighting solutions to convenience stores provides a seamless experience that encourages safety and activity. Big Shine LED guarantees brilliant color rendering and vibrancy with CREE diodes that are industry-certified.

Upgrading with Big Shine LED fixtures easily translates into cost savings and increased revenue. LED luminaries surpass traditional lighting in lumens per watt and are virtually maintenance-free. Our uniquely designed heat sinks release more heat to maintain lower temperatures and keep the LED running for years to come.

Big Shine LED. Be Brilliant.

Vera LED Canopy - Parking Garage LED Lighting