Big Shine LED shines bright at WEEC 2018

Big Shine LED, together with our subdivision Big Shine Energy, exhibited at the World Energy Engineering Congress 2018 (WEEC) in Charlotte, NC. A congress presented by the Association of Energy Engineers and hosted by Duke Energy, WEEC allowed attendees, composed of energy managers and company executives, to dive into new technology in the market that can help facilities improve their energy management and become more energy-efficient.

Big Shine LED & Big Shine Energy

We had the opportunity to showcase our LED products for interior and exterior applications, while representatives from Big Shine Energy described their unique features and helped visitors with hands-on demos.

Two of our products became the main attractions. On display was Big Shine LED’s 2×4 panel. Its streamlined design was a popular feature for many. The Sagitta X area light was also a focal point; visitors to the booth were able to witness the Sagitta X’s smart design and tool-free maintenance capabilities.

We focus on producing top-quality LED products, which are customized to fit the specific needs of any facility. Working as a team with Big Shine Energy gives our customers the advantages of expertise and customer service.

The M&V Workshop

We wanted to contribute valuable knowledge to WEEC and were delighted when our Chief Technology Officer August Kruesi was chosen to host one of the technology workshops. The workshops are designed to help attendees understand more about our industry. The topic was “The Lighting M&V from FC to TM-30 and SVM”. Kruesi posed two main questions: how do we convert the expanding dimensions and multiplicity of standards for lighting into practical guidelines? And, how does all this intrude into the classic energy measurement and verification process?

Between the lighting audit performed by Big Shine Energy lighting specialists and the project proposal, there are numerous factors to consider that may affect energy savings, including IES guidelines, energy codes, and networked lighting controls, among others. Kruesi delved into the standards that govern our product development and quality assurance, and factors that customers should be aware of when choosing an LED lighting company.

The Savings Analysis

When Big Shine Energy provides customers with the calculated energy savings resulting from lighting upgrades using LED luminaires and predicted post-installation lighting levels using advanced Photometric software, the measurement and verification process also allows customers to have a more exact savings analysis post-installation.

Many of the WEEC attendees are looking to expand energy-efficient lighting in cities in the Middle East as well as various parts of Africa. As more stakeholders continue making the switch to LED, Big Shine Energy and Big Shine LED continue to grow with the industry to offer customers engineered solutions.